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The Wall Street Journal review of ‘The Panic of 1819’: Easy Money, Bad Decisions

The Panic of 1819 has been reviewed by the Wall Street Journal!

A boom in lending was followed by a bust and hard times. The crisis inspired a new spirit of self-reliance and impressive economic debate.


The Second Bank of the United States was heavily criticized in the aftermath of the Panic of 1819. PHOTO: KEAN COLLECTION/GETTY IMAGES

James Grant

April 17, 2019 6:54 p.m. ET

Few will feel the urge to spray confetti in this year of the bicentennial of the 1819 panic. The wondrous thing, by Andrew Browning’s telling, is that the young country survived it. The title of Mr. Browning’s fine and formidable history only hints at its scope. “The Panic of 1819” is, in fact, a political, social and financial history of the U.S., before, during and after America’s first great depression.

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“An excellent comparative study of how Steinbeck, Wright, and Hemingway struggled through the era’s messy politics to achieve their landmark novels of 1940.”—Alex Vernon, author of Hemingway’s Second War: Bearing Witness to the Spanish Civil War

Kremer - George Washington Carvr 2E

“Offers unique insights into a genius scientist who tirelessly applied his talents to improve the well-being of others.”—Midwest Book Review













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Kirschke - Protest & Propaganda

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Winch - Colored Aristocracy

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Shay - Sky pilots
Sky Pilots: The Yankee Division Chaplains in World War I by Michael E. Shay

Regularly $50 • Now $30 • 978-0-8262-2031-8 • hardcover • 36 illus.

“Given the recent controversies regarding religion in the military, it is worthwhile for professional soldiers to examine the benefits chaplains provide to those in uniform. Sky Pilots provides a valuable, and often touching, look into the critical role chaplains fulfill. Shay makes extensive use of personal letters and diaries, citing the chaplains’ enormous positive impact on their units-from providing the simple comforts of home at mobile canteen trucks to tending to the men’s spiritual needs. This alone makes Sky Pilots worthy of professional study and debate.”—Military Review

Ferrell - Five days in Oct
Five Days in October: The Lost Battalion of World War I by Robert H. Ferrell

Regularly $19.95 • Now $12 • 978-0-8262-2073-8 • paperback • 17 illus.

Now, in Five Days in October, historian Robert H. Ferrell presents new material previously unavailable-about what really happened during those days in the forest. Despite the description of them as a lost battalion, the men were neither lost nor a battalion. The name was coined by a New York newspaper editor who, upon learning that a sizable body of troops had been surrounded, thought up the notion of a Lost Battalion-it possessed a ring sure to catch the attention of readers.

“Ferrell’s account and reexamination is concise and well-written, moving seamlessly from event to event as he conducts a thorough investigation into the actions-and inaction-of the officers directly involved with the entrapment and eventual relief of those troops.”Military History

Fulwider - German Propaganda
German Propaganda and U.S. Neutrality in World War I by Chad R. Fulwider

Regularly $60 • Now $35 • 978-0-8262-2058-5 • hardcover • 19 illus.

“Until now, there has been no comprehensive study of German propagandists’ efforts to keep the United States out of the First World War. In this deeply researched book, Chad Fulwider presents a nuanced view of these propaganda operations, exposing many fascinating aspects of these activities and filling a large gap in the historiography of World War I.”Thomas Boghardt, author of The Zimmerman Telegram: Intelligence, Diplomacy, and America’s Entry into World War I

Rose - America's Sailors
America’s Sailors in the Great War: Seas, Skies, and Submarines by Lisle A. Rose

Regularly $36.95 • Now $24 • 978-0-8262-2105-6 • hardcover • 25 illus.

“The author tells the story of how the U.S. Navy successfully re-invented itself from a navy built around a blue water battle fleet to a force whose main mission was antisubmarine warfare. Woven within this larger story are tales of sailors committed to the land and air battle on the Western Front.”The Journal of America’s Military Past

Ferrell - Unjustly Dishonored
Unjustly Dishonored: An African American Division in World War I by Robert H. Ferrell

Regularly $29.95 • Now $20 • 978-0-8262-1916-9 • hardcover • 17 illus.

This book is the first full-length account of the actual accomplishments of the 92nd Division. By framing the military outfit’s reputation against cultural context, historical accounts, and social stigmas, the author proves that the 92nd Division did not fail and made a valuable contribution to history that should, and now finally can, be acknowledged. Unjustly Dishonored fills a void in the scholarship on African American military history and World War I studies.

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Kremer - George Washington Carvr 2E
George Washington Carver: In His Own Words, Second Edition Edited by Gary R. Kremer

Regularly $29.95 • Now $18 • 978-0-8262-2139-1 • hardcover • 14 illus.

“In this revised and updated edition of his now-classic collection of George Washington Carver’s writings, Gary Kremer distills decades’ worth of research on the Tuskegee scientist into perceptive editorial notes that frame the context for the judiciously selected documents. The Carver who emerges from In His Own Words is more complicated, human, and admirable than the two-dimensional caricatures of the man that persist in the public imagination. A must-read for anyone interested in George Washington Carver.”―Mark D. Hersey, Mississippi State University, author of My Work Is That of Conservation: An Environmental Biography of George Washington Carver

Endersby & Horner - Lloyd Gaines
Lloyd Gaines and the Fight to End Segregation by James W. Endersby and William T. Horner

Regularly $36.95 • Now $20 • 978-0-8262-2085-1 • hardcover

“This is a work of great significance to those who seek a mature, straightforward account of the life and times of Lloyd Gaines. A splendid achievement and a wonderful contribution to the history of civil rights in the era after Plessy v Ferguson and before Brown v Board of Education.”―Gary M. Lavergne, University of Texas at Austin, author of Before Brown: Heman Marion Sweatt, Thurgood Marshall, and the Long Road to Justice

Franklin - Racial Equality in America
Racial Equality in America by John Hope Franklin

Regularly $23 • Now $18 • 978-0-8262-0912-2 • paperback

This is distinguished historian John Hope Franklin’s eloquent and forceful meditation on the persistent disparity between the goal of racial equality in America and the facts of discrimination.

Racial Equality in America is a powerful reminder that our history is more than a record of idealized democratic traditions and institutions. It is a dramatic message to all Americans, calling them to know their history and themselves.

Andrews - Thyra J. Edwards
Thyra J. Edwards: Black Activism the Global Freedom Struggle by Gregg Andrews

Regularly $40 • Now $24 • 978-0-8262-1912-1 • hardcover • 14 illus.

This fascinating biography details Thyra Edwards’s lifelong journey and myriad achievements, describing both her personal and professional sides and the many ways they intertwined. Gregg Andrews used Edwards’s official FBI file-along with her personal papers, published articles, and civil rights manuscript collections-to present a complete portrait of this noteworthy activist. An engaging volume for the historian as well as the general reader, Thyra J. Edwards explores the complete domestic and international impact of her life and actions.

Wilkins - They Raised Me Up
They Raised Me Up: A Black Single Mother and the Women Who Inspired Her by Carolyn Marie Wilkins

Regularly $24.95 • Now $18 • 978-0-8262-2011-0 • hardcover • 25 illus.

They Raised Me Up interweaves memoir with family history to create an entertaining, informative, and engrossing read that will appeal to anyone with an interest in African American or women’s history or to readers simply looking for an intriguing story about music and family.

“Reflecting the persistent strength of the women themselves, and more famous icons of civil rights too, Wilkin’s memoir presents slices of African American and women’s history with dignity and integrity.”―Hudson Valley Almanac Weekly

Wilkins - Damn Near White
Damn Near White: An African American Family’s Rise from Slavery to Bittersweet Success by Carolyn Marie Wilkins

Regularly $24.95 • Now $20 • 978-0-8262-1899-5 • hardcover • 15 illus.

Damn Near White is an insider’s portrait of an unusual American family. Readers will be drawn into Carolyn’s journey as she struggles to redefine herself in light of the long-buried secrets she uncovers. Tackling issues of class, color, and caste, Wilkins reflects on the changes of African American life in U.S. history through her dedicated search to discover her family’s powerful story.

Ferrell - Unjustly Dishonored
Unjustly Dishonored: An African American Division in World War I by Robert H. Ferrell

Regularly $29.95 • Now $20 • 978-0-8262-1916-9 • hardcover • 17 illus.

This book is the first full-length account of the actual accomplishments of the 92nd Division. By framing the military outfit’s reputation against cultural context, historical accounts, and social stigmas, the author proves that the 92nd Division did not fail and made a valuable contribution to history that should, and now finally can, be acknowledged. Unjustly Dishonored fills a void in the scholarship on African American military history and World War I studies.

Butters - From Sweetback to Super Fly
From SWEETBACK to SUPER FLY: Race and Film Audiences in Chicago’s Loop by Gerald R. Butters

Regularly $60 • Now $36 • 978-0-8262-2036-3 • hardcover • 30 illus.

Racial politics and capitalism found a way to blend together in 1970s Chicago in the form of movie theaters targeted specifically toward African Americans. In From Sweetback to Super Fly, Gerald Butters examines the movie theaters in Chicago’s Loop that became, as he describes them, “black spaces” during the early 1970s with theater managers making an effort to gear their showings toward the African American community by using black-themed and blaxploitation films.

Murray - Methodists and the Crucible
Methodists and the Crucible of Race, 1930-1975 by Peter C. Murray

Regularly $55 • Now $36 • 978-0-8262-1514-7 • hardcover • 2 tables, 4 maps

“Murray’s institutional history makes a critical contribution to our understanding of one of America’s major religious and civic organizations. Specialists in American religious history will appreciate his meticulous documentation; general readers will find his interpretations thought-provoking.”―Journal of African American History

Coulter - Take Up the Black Man's Burden
Take Up the Black Man’s Burden: Kansas City’s African American Communities, 1865-1939 by Charles E. Coulter

Regularly $24.95 • Now $20 • 978-0-8262-2112-4 • paperback • 24 illus.

Charles E. Coulter opens up the world of the African American community in its formative years, making creative use of such sources as census data, black newspapers, and Urban League records. His account covers social interaction, employment, cultural institutions, housing, and everyday lives within the context of Kansas City’s overall development, placing a special emphasis on the years 1919 to 1939 to probe the harsh reality of the Depression for Kansas City blacks-a time when many of the community’s major players also rose to prominence.

Kubic - Freedom, Inc.
Freedom, Inc. and Black Political Empowerment by Micah W. Kubic

Regularly $75 • Now $45 • 978-0-8262-2055-4 • hardcover • 22 illus.

“Black urban empowerment is a very timely and important topic, and Kubic’s work makes a significant contribution to the discussion. This book’s successes may help guide other emerging black populations. A novel discussion of the impact of both social constructions and mediation on black organizational success.”―Marcus Pohlmann, author of Black Politics in Conservative America

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Arenson - Great Heart of the Republic
The Great Heart of the Republic: St. Louis and the Cultural Civil War by Adam Arenson

Regularly $25 • Now $15 • 978-0-8262-2064-6 • paperback • 22 illus., 2 maps

“In this short book, Arenson manages to identify an overwhelming array of issues that defined the American cultural ethos between the years 1848-1877. Arenson produces a highly provocative thesis that captures and explains regional alliances through a cultural prism. Arenson has something new to add to the literature of the Civil War, and he does so with a wonderfully nuanced argument and deft pen. Sure to have an enduring impact, this book delivers.”—The American Historical Review

Lause - Collapse of Price's Raid
The Collapse of Price’s Raid: The beginning of the End in Civil War Missouri by Mark A. Lause

Regularly $32.95 • Now $20 • 978-0-8262-2025-7 • hardcover • 25 illus.

As the Civil War was drawing to a close, former Missouri governor Sterling Price led his army on one last desperate campaign to retake his home state for the Confederacy, part of a broader effort to tilt the upcoming 1864 Union elections against Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans. In The Collapse of Price’s Raid: The Beginning of the End in Civil War Missouri, Mark A. Lause examines the complex political and social context of what became known as “Price’s Raid,” the final significant Southern operation west of the Mississippi River.

“This book is the second half of a well-researched and very detailed reexamination of Price’s invasion. Both general readers and scholars interested in Civil War military operations in the West should find this study useful.”The Journal of Southern History

Lause - Price's Lost Campaign
Price’s Lost Campaign: The 1864 Invasion of Missouri by Mark A. Lause

Regularly $25 • Now $20 • 978-0-8262-2033-2 • paperback • 10 illus.

In the fall of 1864, during the last brutal months of the Civil War, the Confederates made one final, desperate attempt to rampage through the Shenandoah Valley, Tennessee, and Missouri. Price’s Raid was the common name for the Missouri campaign led by General Sterling Price. Involving tens of thousands of armed men, the 1864 Missouri campaign has too long remained unexamined by a book-length modern study, but now, Civil War scholar Mark A. Lause fills this long-standing gap in the literature, providing keen insights on the problems encountered during and the myths propagated about this campaign.

Gerteis - Civil War in Missouri
The Civil War in Missouri: A Military History by Louis S. Gerteis

Regularly $24.95 • Now $15 • 978-0-8262-2078-3 • paperback • 60 illus., 10 maps

The first book-length examination of its kind, The Civil War in Missouri: A Military History dares to challenge the prevailing opinion that Missouri battles made only minor contributions to the war. Gerteis specifically focuses not only on the principal conventional battles in the state but also on the effects these battles had on both sides’ national aspirations. This work broadens the scope of traditional Civil War studies to include the losses and wins of Missouri, in turn creating a more accurate and encompassing narrative of the nation’s history.

“Will go down as the definitive guide to Missouri’s Civil War military history and will prove indispensable for any readers interested in the complex Trans-Mississippi theatre of the war.”Missouri Historical Review

Denny & Bradbury - Civil War's First Blood
The Civil War’s First Blood: MISSOURI, 1854-1861 by James Denny and John Bradbury

Regularly $60 • Now $20 • 978-0-9749-3412-9 • hardcover • 140 illus.

The Civil War’s First Blood is a comprehensive collection of text and photos/paintings of Missouri before and in the War. It was, in the words of the authors, ‘an especially choice plum for the picking’ and ‘added up to…possessing strategic importance as a breadbasket and supply depot for the nation the nation that possessed its borders and many resources’ (13). These food, mineral and human resources are beautifully fetched out in this combination of text and pictures in a volume that will be greatly usefully and admired.”—Journal of American Culture

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Scharnhorst - Mark Twain on Potholes
Mark Twain on Potholes and Politics: Letters to the Editor by Gary Scharnhorst

Regularly $35 • Now $24 • 978-0-8262-2046-2 • hardcover • 1 illus.

“The editorial page remains one of the most popular pages in newspapers today. On this page readers often encounter the spontaneity and catharsis of average people expressing a range of charged emotions-delight, frustration, indignation. Politics and Potholes offers this same experience, except the author of this spontaneity, catharsis, delight, frustration, and indignation is one person who was in a unique position as an editorialist, for Twain had an ever-growing sense of justice, the public position to be heard, the willingness to speak out, and the talent to say what was needed with the necessary force and humor.”—Arkansas Review

Beidler - Rafts and Other Rivercraft
Rafts and Other Rivercraft: In Huckleberry Finn
by Peter G. Beidler

Regularly $40 • Now $28 • 978-0-8262-2138-4 • hardcover • 60 illus.

“Dr. Beidler’s critiques of inaccurate literary analyses and book illustrations will be of real value to historians and archaeologists with an interest in the navigation and trade on the western rivers, as well as to professionals in the field of American literature, and especially to all readers who want to know about the river world of Huck Finn.”Kevin Crisman, author of The Eagle: An American Brig on Lake Champlain during the War of 1812

Hoffmann - Mark Twain in Paradise
Mark Twain in Paradise: His Voyages to Bermuda
by Donald Hoffmann

Regularly $24.95 • Now $18 • 978-0-8262-2146-9 • paperback • 60 illus.

Mark Twain in Paradise sheds light on both Clemens’s complex character and the topography and history of the islands. Hoffmann has plumbed the voluminous Mark Twain scholarship and Bermudian archives to faithfully re-create turn-of-the-century Bermuda, supplying historical and biographical background to give his narrative texture and depth. He offers insight into Bermuda’s natural environment, traditional stone houses, and romantic past, and he presents dozens of illustrations, both vintage and new, showing that much of what Mark Twain described can still be seen today.

The Jester and the Sages: Mark Twain in Conversation with Nietzsche, Freud, and Marx by Forrest G. Robinson, Gabriel Noah Brahm, and Catherine Carlstroem

Regularly $35 • Now $24 • 978-0-8262-1952-7 • hardcover

The Jester and the Sages approaches the life and work of Mark Twain by placing him in conversation with three eminent philosophers of his time-Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud, and Karl Marx. Unprecedented in Twain scholarship, this interdisciplinary analysis by Forrest G. Robinson, Gabriel Noah Brahm Jr., and Catherine Carlstroem rescues the American genius from his role as funny-man by exploring how his reflections on religion, politics, philosophy, morality, and social issues overlap the philosophers’ developed thoughts on these subjects. Remarkably, they had much in common.

MT Homes
Mark Twain’s Homes and Literary Tourism
by Hilary Iris Lowe

Regularly $40 • Now $26 • 978-0-8262-1976-3 • hardcover • 35 illus.

Mark Twain’s Homes and Literary Tourism is a thought-provoking book that will be of use to any museum professional, historian or otherwise, who aims to find some truth embedded in a place and interpret it for the public. Lowe has researched deeply and well, and this book does a fine job of peeling back the surface of these sites to reveal that each is, in her words, ‘a careful, mediated piece’ of Mark Twain.”Kathleen Corbett, The Public Historian

MT Human nature
Mark Twain and Human Nature by Tom Quirk

Regularly $45 • Now $25 • 978-0-8262-1758-5 • hardcover

Mark Twain and Human Nature will fascinate and energize Twainians because it engages with the quintessential Twain  (and will stir up controversy because it challenges many a consensus about his major books). The alert general readers will recognize an educative yet inviting meditation on the basic, life-shaping ideas and attitudes of one of the most widely known American writers.”Louis Budd, author of Mark Twain: Social Philosopher

Lisa Knopp Double Book Special!

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Knopp - bread
Bread: A Memoir of Hunger by Lisa Knopp

Regularly $24.95 • Now $15 • 978-0-8262-2102-5 • hardcover

“Disordered eating is often misunderstood, and conversations surrounding the topic are challenging to tackle; Knopp provides an informative, intriguing account of her experiences, lending a voice to those who experience similar circumstances and who frequently feel ignored.”—Choice

∼Winner of the 2017 Nebraska Book Award∼


∼2017 Choice Outstanding Academic Title∼

Knopp - What the River Carries
What the River Carries: Encounters with the Mississippi, Missouri, and Plate by Lisa Knopp

Regularly $19.95 • Now $12 • 978-0-8262-1974-9 • paperback

In this informed and lyrical collection of interwoven essays, Lisa Knopp explores the physical and cultural geography of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Platte, rivers she has come to understand and cherish. At the same time, she contemplates how people experience landscape, identifying three primary roles of environmental perception: the insider, the outsider, and the outsider seeking to become an insider. Viewing the waterways through these approaches, she searches for knowledge and meaning.

∼Winner of the 2013 Nebraska Book Award∼
∼Honorable Mention for the Association for Literature and the Environment’s 2013 Environmental Creative Nonfiction Award∼

A Republic in Crisis: A Postscript to Farewell to Prosperity

9780826220295Lisle A. Rose’s 2014 A Farewell to Prosperity: Wealth, Identity, and Conflict in Postwar America is an in-depth study of the Liberal and Conservative forces that fought each other to shape American political culture and character during the nation’s most prosperous years. The book’s central theme is the bitter struggle to fashion post–World War II society between a historic Protestant Ethic that equated free-market economics and money-making with Godliness and a new, secular Liberal temperament that emerged from the twin ordeals of depression and world war to stress social justice and security. Now, Rose has written a postscript that focuses on the current political situation under “Trumpism.”

The University of Missouri Press encourages the free exchange of ideas. Occasionally, we host additional content from our authors, giving them the chance to discuss their work, others’ work or the world at large. The views and opinions expressed in these posts are those of the authors and are not necessarily shared by the University of Missouri Press.

Read the entire postscript here:

Farewell to Prosperity Postscript: A Republic in Crisis

Other titles by Lisle A. Rose

Rose - Americas Sailors in the Great War 72 dpiAmerica’s Sailors in the Great War
Seas, Skies, and Submarines
$36.95 • 9780826221056 • Hardcover • 344 pp. • 25 illus.




The Life of Richard E. Byrd
$34.95 • 9780826217820 • Hardcover • 568 pp. • 32 illus.



Rose jktsPower at Sea, Volume 1
The Age of Navalism, 1890-1918
$24.95 • 9780826217011 • Paperback • 384 pp. • 16 illus.



Rose jktsPower at Sea, Volume 2
The Breaking Storm, 1919-1945
$24.95 • 9780826217028 • Paperback • 536 pp. • 21 illus.



Rose jktsPower at Sea, Volume 3
A Violent Peace, 1942-2006
$24.95 • 9780826217035 • Paperback • 392 pp. • 14 illus.

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Animals always
Animals Always: 100 Years at the Saint Louis Zoo by Mary Delach Leonard

Regularly $29.95 • Now $18 • 978-0-8262-1855-1 • hardcover • 61 b&w & 86 color

Through page after page of surprises-pictures never before published and amazing historical facts-as well as anecdotes sure to stir memories, this delightful volume captures an institution that has always been one step ahead. And Jeffrey P. Bonner, president and CEO of the Saint Louis Zoo today, gives readers a peek at what’s in store for the Zoo in the not-too-distant future. Animals Always is a vibrant tribute to the Saint Louis Zoo’s innovation, dedication, and long-standing commitment to the people of St. Louis.

BLUE revisited
BLUE HIGHWAYS Revisited by Edgar I. Ailor

Regularly $34.95 • Now $24 • 978-0-8262-1969-5 • hardcover • 1 map, 363 color illus.

“For three decades, it has been our honor to publish William Least-Heat Moon’s Blue Highways. The Ailors’ Blue Highways Revisited is a spectacular companion piece to that American classic. Their photos are breathtaking, perfectly synchronized not just to Heat Moon’s American odyssey, but our deepest need to see the world anew. I’ve read Blue Highways a dozen times, and yet it is now, thanks to this beautiful, heartfelt volume, that I feel I’ve most closely connected with it. Blue Highways Revisited is a magnificent celebration-and worthy of magnificent celebration itself.”—Geoff Shandler, Editor in Chief, Little, Brown and Company

The Galápagos: Exploring Darwin’s Tapestry by John Hess

Regularly $49.95 • Now $30 • 978-0-8262-1837-7 • hardcover • 188 color

“This is a beautifully illustrated and informative introduction to the life of Galápagos. It’s just the book to get the overall picture, and to use as a guide if the reader is fortunate enough to visit this amazing archipelago.”–Edward O. Wilson, University Research Professor Emeritus, Harvard University, and author of Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth

Missouri State Parks
Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites: Exploring Our Legacy, Second Edition edited by Susan Flader

Regularly $49.99 • Now $30 • 978-0-9968-0580-3 • hardcover • 500+ illus.

In this stunning book, four accomplished writers and lifelong conservationists team up with keen-eyed photographers to capture the compelling history, beauty, and recreational value of Missouri’s unique state park system, one that has been ranked among the top four in the nation. The book features hundreds of photographs and includes information on all 88 state parks and historic sites, including the longest developed rails-to-trail project in the nation, homes of famous Missourians, Civil War battlefields, and other reminders of the past such as mills and covered bridges. The authors tell the complete story of the park system, from its inception in 1917 to the newest state park created in 2015, encompassing much of Missouri’s history as well as its scenic and varied landscape.

The Mississippi: A Visual Biography by Quinta Scott

Regularly $49.95 • Now $30 • 978-0-8262-1840-7 • hardcover • 200 color, 14 maps

Consider the Misi-zibi, the Great River: what natural forces took sixty thousand years to shape, we Americans molded to our needs in three hundred, damaging its wetlands, in some cases, beyond repair. Photographer Quinta Scott has documented the progression of the Mississippi River from its source at Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico, with hundreds of stopping points along the way. In this remarkable volume-the only book to focus on the topography of the whole river and its floodplain-she blends images and text to weave a comprehensive view of the riparian landscape as a living organism and of the effects of human intervention on its natural processes.

New Regionalism
New Regionalism: The Art of Bryan Haynes by Bryan Dawes Haynes and Karen Glines

Regularly $49.99 • Now $30 • 978-0-9749-3417-4 • hardcover • 200 illus.

In this beautiful coffee table book, Haynes presents the progression of his art career from the 1980s to the present, including his commercial work and murals, but mainly focusing on what he is best known for: his landscape and historical paintings, particularly those of Missouri. These are carefully researched and the details of historical figures’ clothing, tools, activities, and the surrounding landscape are painstakingly accurate. These details enhance the breathtaking beauty of his landscapes and people.