Memoir Book Special!

This time we are having a 40% special on some of our memoirs! Check them out below.

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Offer expires November 30th, 2018.

Knopp - bread
Bread: A Memoir of Hunger by Lisa Knopp

Regularly $24.95 • Now $15 • 978-0-8262-2102-5 • hardcover

“Disordered eating is often misunderstood, and conversations surrounding the topic are challenging to tackle; Knopp provides an informative, intriguing account of her experiences, lending a voice to those who experience similar circumstances and who frequently feel ignored.”—Choice


Heat-Moon - Writing Blue Highways
Writing BLUE HIGHWAYS: The Story of How a Book Happened by William Least Heat-Moon

Regularly $24.95 • Now $15 • 978-0-8262-2026-4 • hardcover • 33 illus.

“In Writing Blue Highways, William Least Heat-Moon offers essential lessons that go well beyond craft: the power of perseverance, the potency of story, and the singular importance of honoring intuition. Students at all levels would do well to hear Heat-Moon’s hard-earned wisdom. An instructive, affirming look at the arduous and sometimes magical process by which an idea becomes a book.”—Dinty W. Moore, author of The Mindful Writer: Nobles Truths of the Writing Life

Gerhardt - Lucky That Way
Lucky That Way: Rediscovering My Father’s World by Pamela Gerhardt

Regularly $19.95 • Now $12 • 978-0-8262-2004-2 • paperback

The emerging theme of imperfect humans struggling with life’s great mysteries will strike a chord of recognition with the tens of thousands of Baby-Boomers and Gen-Xers who are currently facing similar circumstances with their elderly loved ones. Pamela Gerhardt’s heartfelt story about a family coming to terms with their aging father’s illness and imminent death takes readers on an emotional roller coaster that highlights love, loss, humor, and sadness.

“Rich, artistic, vibrant, mesmerizing, masterful. I loved everything about Pamela Gerhardt’s wise and complex memoir.”—Sheri Reynolds, author of The Rapture of Canaan

Kremer - George Washington Carvr 2E
George Washington Carver: In His Own Words, Second Edition Edited by Gary R. Kremer

Regularly $29.95 • Now $18 • 978-0-8262-2139-1 • hardcover

“In this revised and updated edition of his now-classic collection of George Washington Carver’s writings, Gary Kremer distills decades’ worth of research on the Tuskegee scientist into perceptive editorial notes that frame the context for the judiciously selected documents. The Carver who emerges from In His Own Words is more complicated, human, and admirable than the two-dimensional caricatures of the man that persist in the public imagination. A must-read for anyone interested in George Washington Carver.”—Mark D. Hersey, Mississippi State University, author of My Work Is That of Conservation: An Environmental Biography of George Washington Carver

Pickering - All My Days
All My Days Are Saturdays by Sam Pickering

Regularly $19.95 • Now $12 • 978-0-8262-2028-8 • paperback

“Pickering is a master of his craft, one of the finest of personal essayists around, and these essays bear many of the characteristics of his other volumes-reflections on his everyday activities and on individuals around him, humorous exchanges with his wife, and so forth. But this volume seems to have something else as well. We find here a thoughtful meditation on time and self and relative old age demonstrating a close attention to the natural world-a tone not unlike Thoreau’s at times.”—Fred C. Hobson, Professor of English, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and author or editor of fourteen books, most recently A Southern Enigma: Essays on the U.S. South

Strong - Strong Advocate
Strong Advocate: The Life of a Trial Lawyer by Thomas Strong

Regularly $29.95 • Now $18 • 978-0-8262-1997-8 • hardcover • 40 illus.

In Strong Advocate, Thomas Strong, one of the most successful trial lawyers in Missouri’s history, chronicles his adventures as a contemporary personal injury attorney. Though the profession is held in low esteem by the general public, Strong entered the field with the right motives: to help victims who have been injured by defective products or through the negligence of others.

Olson - Voodoo Priests
Voodoo Priests, Noble Savages, and Ozark Gypsies: The Life of Folklorist Mary Alicia Owen by Greg Olson

Regularly $30 • Now $18 • 978-0-8262-1996-1 • hardcover • 15 illus.

“The Biography makes a strong initial step in recovering the work of a woman writer and scholar, and it demonstrates the ways that any given historical subject may be both profoundly of and beyond her own times. It is in this spirit that Olson finds his strongest voice, and perhaps because of his careful research we may begin to hear more voices such as Mary Alicia Owen’s emerge from the archives.”—Journal of Southern History

Snow & Stepenoff - From Missouri
From Missouri: An American Farmer Looks Back by Thad Snow and edited by Bonnie Stepenoff

Regularly $25 • Now $15 • 978-0-8262-1990-9 • paperback

This unique and honest series of personal essays expresses the thoughts of a farmer, a hunter, a husband, a father and grandfather, a man with a soft spot for mules and dogs and all kinds of people. Snow’s prose reveals much about a way of life in the region during the first half of the twentieth century, as well as the social and political events that affected the entire nation.

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