End of Summer Book Special!

Sadly, the fun in the sun is coming to an end! Don’t be too sad though because we have a 40% off end of summer book special with four of our literature and art books!

Use code EOS2018 on our website or by calling (800)-621-2736.
Offer expires September 30th, 2018.

Watermeier_American Tragedian_FNL
American Tragedian: The Life of Edwin Booth by Daniel J. Watermeier

Regularly $55 • Now $33 • 978-0-8262-2048-6 • hardcover • 25 illus.

“One may say that any life or any company is without consequence, but well-done biographies and performance histories, such as Edwin Booth and American Tragedian, remind theatre historians that, without them, further histories will also suffer in consequence.”—Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism


Morgan - Joyce's City
Joyce’s City: History, Politics, and Life in Dubliners by Jack Morgan

Regularly $60 • Now $36 • 978-0-8262-2045-5 • hardcover

In 1914, James Joyce published Dubliners, a collection of short stories depicting life in Dublin at the turn of the century. One hundred years later, readers and critics alike continue to return to this book, Joyce’s first major work. One of these critics is Jack Morgan, whose study Joyce’s Cityoffers refreshing readings on the occasion of the Dubliners centennial.

Murphy - The New Woman Gothic
The New Woman Gothic: Reconfigurations of Distress by Patricia Murphy

Regularly $50 • Now $30 • 978-0-8262-2067-7 • hardcover

The New Woman Gothic is a well-written and fascinating study. Murphy makes compelling arguments throughout and opens space for further exploration into New Woman Gothic fiction.”—Studies in the Novel



Billingslea-Brown - Crossing Borders Through Folklore
Crossing Borders Through Folklore: African American Women’s Fiction and Art by Alma Jean Billingslea-Brown

Regularly $40 • Now $24 • 978-0-8262-1199-6 • hardcover • 15 illus.

“Overall, her navigation of the borders between visual art and literature, her ability to mediate between the masculinist impulse of the black arts movement and feminism, as well as her juxtaposition of European/mainstream art and the aesthetics and politics of minority art, provides a constant argument for the folk aesthetic, which she positions as the ‘fecunding matrix’ that allows artists to traverse the shifting slopes of identity politics and avant-garde asthetics that comprise the postmodernist art of the 1990s.”—Novel, A Forum on Fiction

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