Intellectual History Book Special!

It’s our back-to-school special with a 40% discount on four of our intellectual history books!

Use code IH2018 on our website or by calling (800)-621-2736.
Offer expires August 31st, 2018.

Embry & Hughes CoverThe Eric Voegelin Reader: Politics, HIstory, Consciousness
Selected and Edited by Charles R. Embry and Glenn Hughes

Regularly $50 • Now $30 • 978-0-8262-2134-6 • hardcover • 1 chart

“The achievement of this volume is superb. Through a selection of his writings perfectly chosen, it makes manifest to everyone the preeminent place of Eric Voegelin in the intellectual landscape of the twentieth century.”–Tilo Schabert, University of Erlangen, author of How World Politics Is Made

Recently, an article came out from the VoegelinView about The Eric Voegelin Reader, called, Establishing True Community in Philia Among Students: Teaching The Eric Voegelin Reader. If this book interests you, then definitely read this article too!

John Henry Wigmore and the Rules of Evidence: Porwancher Revised Final C1
The Hidden Origins of Modern Law
by Andrew Porwancher

Regularly $40 • Now $24 • 978-0-8262-2086-8 • hardcover • 5 illus.

“[The book] will become the standard work on the subject, and more than that, will contribute to emerging clarity in the field of early twentieth-century legal ideas more broadly.”–Noah Feldman, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School, author of Cool War: The Future of Global Competition

08 Rollin - A New Basis for Animal Ethics
A New Basis for Animal Ethics: Telos and Common Sense by Bernard E. Rollin

Regularly $40 • Now $24 • 978-0-8262-2101-8 • hardcover

“Possibly the most important book on animal welfare written to date. In exquisite chapter after chapter Rollin presents the philosophical background of what telos is, why it matters and demonstrates with stories, anecdotes, and data, why common sense is an important basis for understanding animals, their needs and their wants. Rollin has the ability to speak to each reader as if s/he is the only person he is talking to. He is a remarkable talent and brilliant teacher. A great read, a must read.”–Alan Goldberg, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Founding Director Emeritus of the Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing, Berman Institute of Bioethics

03 Morsink - Universal Declaration
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Challenge of Religion by Johannes Morsink

Regularly $65 • Now $39 • 978-0-8262-2084-4 • hardcover • 3 illus., 2 tables

“Johannes Morsink is one of the rare scholars who combines astonishing erudition with an ability to focus on our biggest and most pressing contemporary problems. He has succeeded in creating a universal narrative of global human rights accessible to believers and non-believers alike. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Challenge of Religion is an important, magisterial, timely and highly relevant work for both theorists and practitioners of global politics.”–Anne-Marie Slaughter, President and CEO, New America Foundation

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