Understanding the Unknown: Medicine and Near-Death Experiences

Hagan Cover

9780826221032 · hardcover · 208 pp.

The Science of Near-Death Experiences is available for $20 between September 4th and October 8th. Use the promotion code NDE17 here or call 800-621-2736.


As more people share their stories of near-death experiences (NDEs), scientists and medical doctors have advanced their understanding of the nature of consciousness and the implications of NDEs. In The Science of Near-Death Experiences, edited by John C. Hagan, III, MD, physicians discuss what causes the typical—and atypical—near-death experiences we often hear about: a sense of peace, a tunnel of light, meeting with deceased family members and a heavenly experience. The book also discusses so called distressing NDEs which have upsetting and disturbing content suggesting perdition.

Doctors have discovered that the majority of people who experience near-death during surgery do not often discuss it without physicians or nurses asking, “Did anything unusual happen while you were unconscious that you would like to talk about?” In addition, physicians and nurses are often not trained to discuss these occurrences with their patients to help the patients understand and accept what they experienced.

People who have undergone near-death experiences sometimes describe things that they could not have known from their five senses while lying on the operating table. They describe being conscious even while sedated. This acclaimed book offers unique insights and up-to-date information for physicians, nurses, and people who have had NDEs and their families.

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