The unplanned but remarkable Life of George Elsey (1918-2015)

Elsey JacketWhen George Elsey, who died December 30th, published his memoir in 2005, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. wrote, “This is surely the last personal memoir to be written by a public servant who worked closely in the White House with FDR and Truman. An Unplanned Life is a fascinating—and probably final—piece of eyewitness testimony. George Elsey makes vital contributions to the history of World War Two and to the history of the Cold War from Korea to Vietnam, interspersed with lively sketches of his presidents in their relaxed moments. It is an honest book, candid and readable.”

The New York Times has a nice description of Elsey’s amazing life:

George Elsey, One of the Last Survivors of World War II White House, Dies at 97

An Unplanned Life is available in paperback at Amazon and IndieBound


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